Vegan Scones 

YES, it IS possible to enjoy afternoon tea as a vegan! Whilst searching Pintrest for vegan treats I could make over the weekend I came across a recipe for scones, I had never thought about making vegan scones but turns out they are super easy and simple to make!

The recipe is by Wallflower Kitchen and I nearly followed it exactly, the one thing I had to change was adding baking powder because I didn’t have any self rising flower. I also halved the recipe as I didn’t want to make enough for 15 people, being only 2 of us. (Although I probably could have eaten enough for 15). Halving the recipe still gave me 12 scones but next time I’ll probably make them a thicker as some came out a little small for my liking.

The clotted cream also came out a dream, Wallflower Kitchen has the clotted cream recipe along with the scones and honestly I don’t think you’d ever turn around a tell me this cream wasn’t vegan. It’s made from coconut cream (the thick lump in your can of coconut milk), butter and sugar. I also added a little bit of vanilla essence because I don’t tend to like the taste of coconut but honestly I don’t think you’d know it was coconut cream because I couldn’t taste anything but heaven!

All in all it probably took me less than half an hour to make these beauties and they stayed good for days afterwards, now to master the rest of afternoon tea!

Stay fancy x

41 thoughts on “Vegan Scones ”

  1. My sister is vegan so she would love these ideas. I’m Paleo so we eat completely different things. I do think there are so many alternatives and adaptions that can be made though, Vegan clotted cream – that’s amazing,

  2. See this is another reason I can’t stay away from gluten 😂 Looks really delish! I mostly oat cream in my cooking now but i dont know if you can make clotted cream with it. Never tried clotted cream before… 🤔 will try it when we visit England 😻✨

  3. These look incredibly tasty! I’m definitely going to give them a go!! That coconut clotted cream sounds amazing, isn’t something I’ve heard of. I’d loved to give it a try, I’m sure it’s healthier than clotted cream!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  4. Definitely giving these a try. One of my close friends is vegan and I’m always trying new recipes, to make things we can both scoff! The clotted cream also sounds amazing! It’s great when things taste the same if not better than the non-vegan version. I bought vegan cream cheese a few weeks ago and couldn’t tell the difference, it was so yummy.

  5. These look so good and now I’m really craving a scone. Passing this onto my best friend who’s vegan and absolutely love scones, and I don’t think she’s had one since she’s been vegan!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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