Vegan Junk Food

“Don’t you vegans like, just eat salad?”
Well well well, I say as I chow down on my hash brown, cheese and sausage breakfast sandwich.
I’m going to share with you all the naughty vegan food I consume behind closed doors, there’s a good reason most of us vegans aren’t as “skinny” as you all assume. There’s this amazing thing called a potato, and guess what, its vegan!! Hurrah yell the vegans.

Potato smilies are a personal favourite, I think I could consume a whole bag if my boyfriend wasn’t around to stop me by eating the other half himself. When I just can’t be bothered to cook I’ll wack some linda sausages in the oven which a whole load of potato smilies and voila, dinner.
Apple pies, now some supermarkets stock vegan apple pies, co-op’s own are vegan which is fabulous as co-op is round the corner from my house and its the only thing open until 10pm on a Sunday. You see why my life is constant struggle.


Another sneaky vegan naughty is our good friend the oreo, you wouldn’t think they would be vegan but they are! I make up for the lack of vegan chocolatey goodies by consuming 2 packets of oeros in one sitting… don’t judge me.

PIZZA, yes, we can eat pizza. Papa Johns, Pizza Express, Prezzo and Pizza Hut all have vegan bases therefore all you need to do is ask for it without cheese! Cover that cheeky pizza in all the vegetables you like but we all know that doesn’t make it healthy, but hey who cares right? Vegan doesn’t mean healthy after all….

Happy eating x
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2 thoughts on “Vegan Junk Food”

  1. Those co-op apple pies are a dangerous thing! Those and their custard/jam donuts make their way into my life far too often! So good! And yes to all the pizza! Have you tried the Zizzi vegan pizza too? It’s insanely good. I also love the Alpro hazelnut and chocolate ice cream and the M&S dairy free chocolate bars. And they say being vegan is depriving yourself… haha xxx

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