Thrifty Thursday

I took a trip to Bath with my lovely boyfriend on the weekend as we both had the day off, Bath has always been one of my favourite places to visit and as we live so close to it now, I make a point of visiting as often as I can. We grabbed coffee at a cute little place opposite the train station to start our day, following that we went for a stroll around the shops, took advantage of the Urban Outfitters sale and ended up at Las Iguanas for lunch. I had a delicious vegan chilli, it was a bit on the spicy side but washed down with some mango juice, it was perfectly doable.

After nearly bursting at the seems from eating so much, we took a stroll down the river to walk it off and found a cute little park where we took some outfit photos. Billy has never taken photos of me this way before, and I myself have never really done this either, so it was interesting to see how it would go. I scouted a lovely little shed right in the corner of the park and alas, we took some pictures next to it.

The ‘mom’ jeans in this outfit cost me around £4 I believe, I got them quite a while ago and they are a size or so bigger than I’d like but a belt solves this issue, they also look better with a belt anyway! They are high waisted which I love because I have quite a curvy figure so they sit really nicely on my waist and hold in all my lumps and bumps. I rolled up the bottoms because otherwise they look really stupid… If you ever see something like this in the thrift shop and you think they look to long or to wide, try rolling up the bottoms, it makes such a difference! 
This Mighty Boosh shirt was such a good find for me, I absolutely love The Mighty Boosh. I went as Old Gregg for halloween one year and I still haven’t regained my dignity. I bought it originally as a pyjama top but thought “fuck it” I can rock this out. I found this in the mens section as I find most logo/band shirts, ALWAYS look in the mens section, they always put the good tee’s in there. 
Finally, my coat I thrifted quite recently, I had been looking for a ‘granny coat’ for a while now as they are so diverse. You can dress them up or down, and here the coat works really well with the grungey/90’s vibe I was going for. You can layer and layer this coat, I think I had a good 3 layers on that day and because of the coat, It didn’t look at all stupid. A great piece if I do say so myself.
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The rest of my outfit consists of my Nike Janoskis, New Look scarf and H&M mens button down. 

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