Reusable Must Haves

Last year I made it my goal to become more Zero-Waste in 2017. I have been doing pretty well if I’m honest, eating lunch at home and taking meals to work with my in my own container.

There’s a couple of things I invested in in order to help me on my path to zero-waste, these are pretty much the must haves for a zero-waste beginner like me so I hope they will be of use to you as well!

Reusable cutlery is a big one, now you don’t have to buy yourself a fancy set like I did, you can just take a spare pair of your own kitchen cutlery out with you but I really liked this little set and it also came with a nice little carry pouch to keep to clean in your bag.

I had been looking for the perfect coffee cup for ages, there’s plenty of good ones out there but this felt like the right one for me. The Ecoffee cup comes in a load of designs, colours and patterns and it’s made from bamboo fibre which is pretty cool. It also doesn’t get incredibly hot on the outside and the silicone band is perfect for holding it.

I have been wanting some steel straws for ages, these ones I bought came with 4 bent straws and 4 straight straws, as well as 2 pipe cleaners. They came in this neat little carry container which easily fits in your bag. However, I like to just take one straw with me in my cutlery pouch.

Lastly, a good muslin cloth will replace hundreds of cotton rounds. This one from Green Fibres has a soft side and a rough side for exfoliating and washing. I personally just use this one for cleaning my face as I have a previous cloth for removing makeup but this muslin could easily be used for both. Made from organic cotton it’s sustainable and soft as hell.

Stay reusable folks x

14 thoughts on “Reusable Must Haves”

  1. I really need to take some of your advice! Some amazing products here to get started with reducing waste – I really have a thing about pointless waste so I’m loving this post!

    Becca | The Après Gal

  2. I love this post! I’m trying to reduce my watse, not quite zero yet but I’m getting a lot better. I’ve been looking for some good straws for ages and these ones sound perfect, where did you get them? I love the cutlery set too! 🙂 xx

    1. I got the cutlery, cup and straws off amazon! Some really good priced stuff on there 😊 I still have a lot to change in my life before being zero waste but all positive changes are good changes 👌🏻 xx

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