My 2015

So this blogging thing went well..

Regardless of that, I have been doing what I was supposed to be doing (my dissertation) but I’ve been taking a well earned break to reflect on my year, what I remember of it anyway. 
This year has given me my highest ever university mark, work experience on two major films, eye contact with Emma Watson, a new job and a beautiful pair of shoes. I have had many wonderful parties and said goodbye to some of the best people I’ve ever known. 
In the cold month of February I filmed a music video a lovely talented young lad for university, it contained some of the most beautiful images I’ve ever shot and I was pretty proud of it! 
I made a fucking sick fancy dress costume, I’m sure you can see who I was, but I made the whole thing by hand, sewed the material on the jeans, stitching on the shirt etc, was a hit. 

I got my second favourite tattoo as of yet (my favourite is my grim reaper), Donnie Darko is one of my all time favourite films, the whole thing just blows my mind. I absolutely love this tattoo and I’m so happy with it.

I produced my most successful piece of work, a promotional video (advert) for dogs trust, I got the chance to work with this gorgeous dog called Dollar, and what a star she was! The advert got me 78.4% giving me a very very good 1st my proudest moment as of yet. 

Other things I did this year: 
– I tried paint balling and decided never to do it again.
– I went to Germany with my boyfriend and his family for a wonderful holiday.
– I went to a wedding and it was magical.
– I complied the best Grinch outfit I’ve ever seen for Halloween and danced to hotline bling in it. 
– I had the best night out with the graduates at university, I miss them all so much.
– I met a lovely raindeer. 
So all in all, it’s probably been a good year, not the best but can’t really complain! Next year looks to be the best so far though, sneak preview, I’m traveling Europe and I’m bridesmaid at my best friends wedding, oh and I’m moving to Norwich. 

So yeah, BRING ON 2016 :))

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