Makeup Revolution – Soph X Palette Review (V&CF)

Makeup Revolution are a brand I went to a lot when I first turned cruelty free, they are actually on Logical Harmony’s grey area but from my own research I feel comfortable labelling them cruelty free until further notice. Makeup Revolution can be found in Superdrug at very affordable prices and their products have improved in quality A LOT over the last few years. When I decided to go vegan, I contacted Makeup Revolution about their vegan products and they told me they couldn’t confirm anything as vegan. Therefore I had to abandon them until recently.

If you haven’t noticed already, TAM beauty (umbrella company of Makeup Revolution/Freedom/I <3 Makeup) are now labelling products as vegan on their website. Good vegan eyeshadow palettes seem hard to come by, especially affordable ones. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out nearly all of their eye shadow palettes were vegan, even with the red tones!

I immediately went out to get my hands on the latest palette, the Soph X Palette and I was NOT disappointed.

So firstly I love the packaging, it’s so sleek and comfortable to hold. It’s easy to open and also has this amazing full-sized mirror which is perfect for traveling. There’s nothing worst than buying a palette with little to no mirror in it! By combining the two, it saves on space in your makeup bag and saves you having to buy a separate one. The size of the palette is good, it allows for a perfect range of colours whilst not being too big or too small.

The colours in this palette are everything I’ve ever needed. You’ve got your browns, peaches, vibrant colours and completely natural colours. Each one is well pigmented with little fallout. So far I’ve tried out three different looks with this palette – a bold purple eye, a peachy eye and a casual work friendly smokey brown. Every one I’ve tried without eye primer and I can safely say I’m impressed. I’m yet to buy a vegan friendly eye primer so a palette that can still hold up without primer is a must for me right now and this does exactly that.

I’ve been applying the shadows with my MOTD vegan brushes*. I use these brushes for every eye look I’ve done since I got them. Honestly they’re the best makeup brushes I’ve ever had my hands on. The angled brush (straight to the point) is perfect for placing some of the deep black along the lash line, I find this helps if you’ve got thin/short eye lashes and don’t want to wear any eyeliner. The tapered brush (eye catching crease) is amazing for placing the darker browns and reds in the crease/corner of the eye, it picks up the shadow incredibly well and is perfect if you want to pack it on for a heavier look. Lastly the fluffy brush (miss shady lady) is amazing for applying shadow all over the lid and blending, you could really use it for either and personally I use it for both. Just wipe it between uses so you don’t transfer the wrong colours!

Overall I love this palette and I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it. Well worth the £10 it costs, the quality is as good if not better than well-known high-end palettes (that are also not vegan anyway).

If you’d like to know more about MOTD brushes you can check out my full review including face brushes here. I also have an affiliate link available for anyone who is interested, use “evolution” at checkout for 10% off your purchase and free shipping over $50. *Afilliate 

*MOTD brushes were kindly gifted to me but this post is not sponsored in any way.

Stay shimmery! x


  • Michaela | Halcyon Living

    I love Sophdoesnails so super happy to find that this palette is vegan. Also, awesome news about MUR stating which of their products are SFV, hopefully more companies will follow!

    • theethicalevolution

      I had never heard of her before! Not sure if she is Cruelty Free or vegan but the palette is incredible, it’s wonderful news!

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