Living With Your Other Half

The thought of living with your other half is probably quite exciting for a lot of people, however, it isn’t always fun and games. Here’s a few tips on how to survive when living with your partner.
Share out chores, find yourselves a system that works for you both. In my case, I work afternoon-evening so I’ll do the washing up in the morning and when we both have a day off we will do a big old clean. Apart from that we also have a bit of a “I did this so you have to do that” system which wont work for everyone.
Learn to hold your tongue, there will be plenty of things you’ll discover about your other half that you had no clue about before, and they WILL annoy you. Learn what is worth making a fuss over and just don’t bother making mountains out of mole hills. For me, its little things like Billy always leaving the kitchen cupboard doors open or leaving the toilet seat up. I usually just shout his name and point until he sorts it out and then we move on.
Don’t go to bed angry, you need to make sure at the end of each day you are friends again. If we’ve had a tiff before bed I’ll usually just tell him I love him, give him a hug and all is forgiven.
Don’t hold grudges, there is no room for them when you are living with the person you’re holding it against. Your relationship will suffer if you hold a grudge and you’ll soon be angry at each other all the time for no reason. Forgive and forget and move on.
Appreciate the little things. When I come home and Billy has made dinner I always make a point of saying thank you and complimenting his fab cooking skills. It’s so important to make sure your other half feels valid and appreciated. It can be easy to forget to do little romantic things when you see each other every day but do make a point of remembering and doing something nice for each other once in a while.


So there you have it, a handful of tips to help you live a happy life with your other half. If you live with your other half, how long have you been living together? What did you struggle with? And was it worth it?
Keep loving x

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2 thoughts on “Living With Your Other Half”

  1. My boyfriend and I also use the “I did this so you have to do that” system when it comes to house work. Sometimes it works and sometimes it just causes an argument!

  2. Haha yeah, we usually use it when it comes to the washing, “I hung up them up to dry last time so you have to take them down and fold them now”

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