Homeware wishlist!


So this year I move into a new house with my boyfriend, it’ll be our first house that we don’t share with other people so I can go all out with the decor! (very excited). The house will no doubt be bare when we move in but I really enjoy creating a space of my own and seeing everything come together so this shan’t be a problem! I have complied a few things to show you the style I want to achieve with my new house and where you can find them, some more expensive than others but all mostly affordable, as I myself don’t have a lot of money, and certainly won’t after I move 🙁

I’m really in love with these kind of shelves at the moment, I love than they aren’t straight up boring, there’s something oddly interesting about them. I would decorate them with plants, photos, book, nicknacks, anything I pick up over the years to be honest. I’m quite the hoarder, if I see something I like I usually have to buy it (if its within budget obviously). I’d like some art on the walls of the new house so I found this cute little cloud picture on made, it’s simple but just adds a pop of something to what would be a plain wall. Candles are something I am OBSESSED with, I love the look, the smell, everything! I have to stop myself buying candles now because I have nowhere else to put them, but come the new house, I’ll have every room to place a candle *evil laugh*.
The kitchen is a place I’d like to be proud of, in my current house the kitchen is always a bit of state because I live with 3 other people and there’s no way it would ever stay clean for longer than a couple of hours. I’m so excited to have a kitchen I don’t have to share with other people so I want to display all my lovely vegetables in these cute crates from h&m home. (Fresh carrots eeeee!) The next item on my wishlist is these little beetle coasters, I think they add a lovely little pop of colour to a coffee table. Plants! Plants! Plants! They bring so much to an empty room, I probably won’t have much furniture in my house for the first few months so plants will really liven up the empty space and breathe some fresh air into the room. 
These little clear.. boxes? Display units? Whatever you call them, they are pretty neat for holding pretty much anything, whether you want to put an ornament, candle or plant in it, I think it makes the space look neater and cleaner. I plan on having wooden flooring so I’m in need of a good rug, this one from Ikea is a good size, good quality and brings a pop of interest to a room, I feel like it will go well with the theme of my house. Finaalllllllly, light! I adore this style of floor lamp, it reminds me of an old school film light which I love because well, I’m a film student (ha). I think a good floor lamp is essential when you just want to cosy up without having a blaring main light on, so good for long winter nights on the sofa. 
I hope my homeware wishlist has inspired you, whether it’s just a few little things to add to your bedroom, or like me, you’re moving to a new place soon! (In which case, good luck!).

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