Hello Christmas

So I guess you could say Christmas has arrived? As I sit and enjoy a caramel latte and a sandwich outside pret I reflect on the year. It’s been okay I suppose, unfortunately I’ve been working throughout most of it so I haven’t really had a chance to enjoy 2015 to its full potential. 
The high points of this year? Finally creating a piece of work at university that I am completely happy with and getting my highest ever mark, a pay rise at work,  and let’s see, turning 20? No. 
Low points? Not having a summer, being poor no matter how much I work and well, becoming an official adult. Oh and the dishwasher broke and no one will fix it. 
The remainder of this year will be spent crying over my dissertation and throwing my money at actors for my final film, so much for Christmas cheer. 
Next year promises better experiences though, I graduate university, travel Europe, move to Norwich, watch my best friend get married and go ultimate DIY on my very own house. Sounds like a much better year. I am so excited for 2016. (Plus I’ve been writing 2016 all year so finally I won’t be getting it wrong).
I hope this blog can aid my procrastination for the next few months and then slowly flourish into a place full of memories of my wonderful 2016. 
Peace and love folks x

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