Hello 2016 – My goals


2016 is upon us! I’ve decided to share with you 3 of my goals for this year, some small, some big, but all achievable. I probably made similar goals this year but I never achieved them so here’s to second chances!

Firstly I want to look after myself better, this means eating a well balanced diet and doing 1 form of exercise every day (anything from a long walk or a few squats to a full workout). I’ve really let the stress of university get to me this year and I can see my waistline growing as we speak, I know I have the ability to get fit so I really want to try and achieve that this year. 
Secondly I want to go interrailing around Europe, it’s something me and my boyfriend have talked about all year and come July we will have the opportunity. It would be really stupid to let this chance slip so I want to make sure I don’t let my anxiety get the better of me and miss out on this wonderful experience.
Lastly, I want to become fully financially independent. I’m currently in university where my student loan covers my rent but unfortunately, that is all it covers.  I work two part time jobs, one at an independent Chinese restaurant with little pay but it gives me massive flexibility with hours and time off for university so I’ve stuck with it, and the other at British Heart Foundation as a Sunday sales assistant (so yes a paid job at a charity shop! Who knew?) but as its only 6 hours a week, I can’t live on that either. Due to my circumstances, I still get a bit of money each month from my parents in order to fully support myself, so next year when I finish university and move away to Norwich, I want a job that means I can be fully independent and start paying my parents back for all the support. 
These are my top 3 goals for this year, let’s hope I can achieve them all! 
Happy new year folks x

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