Favourite Skincare Products / Skin Routine.

Botanics Micellar Water 

After making the decision to change all my products to cruelty free, I needed to find an alternative for my Garnier micellar water and I came across the Botanics range in Boots, which happens to be cruelty free! Great news guys, it does exactly the same thing for half the price and no animals had to be harmed in the making of the product, i’ll usually start the day by cleansing my face with the micellar water before applying my makeup.

The Body Shop Beautifying Oil

(The Body Shop themselves don’t test on animals but they are now owned by L’Oreal, I did not know this at the time of purchase as I believed The Body Shop to always be cruelty free)

So my lovely boyfriend bought me this oil because he thought it was massage oil, turns out it was all over “beautifying oil.” I don’t remember when I started using it in my skincare routine but I can tell you it was the best decision I ever made! I use this at the end of the day, I start by taking my makeup off, cleansing my face with the micellar water, then finishing off by applying some oil to a cotton pad and wiping it thoroughly all over my face. I’m often surprised at the fact that after already removing my makeup, the oil still removes even more makeup from my face!

The amount of spots I get has reduced greatly since using this product, It really gets into all your nooks and crannies and removes every last bit of makeup, cleaning out your pours and drying up your spots. It reduces redness and soreness overnight and honestly, it’s my go to everyday product. (Until I can find something just as good that isn’t owned by bloody L’Oreal)

Let The Good Times Roll

Now, I am quite late on the wagon for Lush skin care. I was treated to a Lush spa for my birthday and it changed my skin care routine forever. I always use this product in the shower, letting the heat from the water open my pours and then I take a pea sized amount of cleanser and rub in in the palm of my hand so it softens up. I then apply it to my face, rubbing it all over, especially targeting my problem areas such as my forehead, nose, and cheeks. Afterwards, I let the warm water run over my face, washing it all off! I probably use this cleanser 3 times a week.

“This face and body cleanser is a gentle treat for the skin, leaving you soft to the touch with a buttery popcorn fragrance. Maize flour and polenta gently exfoliate whilst cinnamon powder stimulates and leaves you feeling fresh and revived, with beautifully soft skin. This gentle yet scrubby cleanser will soothe and soften your skin, giving it a natural glow.” – Lush

Love Lettuce

Another Lush favourite here, the mask Love Lettuce was another product I got to test out whilst having my spa experience. It’s soothing, moisturising and cleansing, I use it after cleansing my face, applying it all over and letting it sit for 10-15 minutes, until it hardens. Then I wash it off gently with warm water, feelin’ all fresh ‘n’ smooth! And smelling fab thanks to the lavender!

“Brighten your complexion with nutrient-rich agar seaweed gel, soothing and moisturising honey and almond oil, and gently exfoliating almond shells. This mask is simply fragranced with French lavender, which has a calming effect on the mind and helps to balance the skin’s sebum production. Smooth a generous layer of this mask onto your face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.” – Lush

Remember, nourished skin is happy skin!

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