Earth Conscious deodorant review

So I recently purchased 2 Earth Conscious deodorants, lavender-scented for myself and citrus scented for Billy. My first thought was how great the packaging is, its hard enough finding a decent cruelty free deodorant that works let alone one that comes in sustainable packaging.


Previously I was using a Faith in Nature deodorant which works like a gem (unless I’ve been doing proper sweaty work but I think you’d smell whatever deodorant you used in that situation). My only issue with this deodorant was the plastic packaging, as I’m trying to reduce the plastic in my life this deodorant was no longer ideal.

The Earth Conscious deodorant is in metal container which can easily be recycled or reused once finished. The product is solid, almost like a massive lip balm, you apply it with your fingers straight onto the pits (note, the formula doesn’t make your fingers oily or sticky like you might expect). You will need to keep this product in a relatively warm place though, otherwise you risk spending ages warming it up with your fingers so you can actually get enough product onto your fingers. I would avoid a scooping method and go for more of a circular rub that way the product stays nice and flat in the tin and not all full of holes from your fingers.


The lavender scent doesn’t smell how I would have expected, there is definitely a scent of lavender but also something else sweet, almost like lemon cake…. and you can’t smell the product that much when it’s on the skin, maybe only if someone physically sniffed your pits.

HOWEVER, I can tell you with confidence that this product WORKS. I went ice skating today and geez did I underestimate how hot I would get, after an hour of skating and a whole day of wear, I don’t smell one bit. No scent at all. My pits don’t feel oily or wet either which is fantastic.

Honestly I would highly recommend this deodorant to anyone looking for a cruelty free and ethical alternative, it’s become my new favourite with its cute tin and organic ingredients.

10/10 would use again!

Stay smelly x

9 thoughts on “Earth Conscious deodorant review”

  1. How interesting! Ive used a few in the last couple of years and was disappointed with the Jason apricot one. I’m currently using an aloe Vera one by forever living which does not disappoint. Bu this one I might have to try after I run out 😀

  2. I would have never thought to try out a completely ethical deodorant but I guess there’s a first time for everything. I love the concept of this and now the packaging is sustainable, the fact that it actually works makes it even more appealing. + I agree with ice skating making you feel unusually hot, it’s so strange haha

    1. It’s so bad for you pumping your pits full of chemicals! Simple is the way forward, this is perfect for sensitive skin as well 🙌🏻 also, my usually smelly boyfriend has been transformed into a non smelly god with the use of this deodorant haha!x

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