Current Favourite Spotify Playlist

I live for Spotify playlists, i’m kinda rubbish at putting together my own playlists and I love discovering new music so when Spotify can provide me with playlists as good as these, all I need to do is sit back and enjoy. I get a bus most days so that alone is a great time for me to chill out and listen to some new music on my journey, I don’t like wasting time trying to decide what to listen to so when I can just wack on a playlist, I get more time to listen to music that I love!


Release Radar is my current favourite playlist, it supplies you with all the new music from artist you love. If like me, you have quite a varied music taste, then you’ll get a really good mix of genres and I love that.
My current Release Radar
I have quite an array of genres in my playlist this week, I love that I’ve got some classics in there such as David Bowie and Led Zeppelin but I’ve also got some more “up to date” music such as Slaves and Bon Iver. I always find it interesting to listen to new music from bands that I haven’t listened to for many many years, bands such as Weezer who surprised me with this 1975 meets Twenty One Pilots sound that they’ve got going on in their “I  Love The USA” single.

Listening to remix’s of songs I already enjoy is something else I find quite interesting, I find remix’s very hit or miss, it’ll either ruin a song or improve it. Unfortunately I cannot say I enjoyed Steve Aoki remix of Blink 182’s – Bored To Death, so that was a skipper for me on this playlist. On the other hand, I enjoyed the Joe Ford remix of Enter Shikari’s – Torn Apart so that was a plus.

Happy listening x

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