Benecos Natural Beauty Review

Benecos is a cruelty free, all natural makeup brand with multiple vegan options available and they were kind enough to send me some of their vegan products to try out. I chose to try their Natural Creamy Foundation in Nude, Quattro Eyeshadow in Coffee & Cream, Natural Vegan Volume Mascara and Nail Polish in Rose Passion, I chose these so I could get an all round feel for the variety of makeup they sell.

I first of all tried the foundation, now I know I’m pale and most pale foundations are still too dark on me, it’s like they all have a slight orange undertone and I seem to just not have any undertone at all! I chose the lightest vegan foundation Benecos did hoping maybe it would be okay, but alas, it was not. I tried mixing it with my Illamasqua shade corrector but it just ended up messing with the consistency and in the end I gave up. The foundation also seemed to really cling to my dry skin and was difficult to apply with a beauty blender, as a beauty novice I found this foundation difficult to work with. I think you have a darker complexion to me (not hard) and oily skin this foundation could really work for you, but unfortunately it was not for me.

Now I had much more luck with the eyeshadow quad, if you want to create a really easy smokey eye or more of a toned down natural look then this is perfect. The lighter colours are VERY light, like you can barely see the cream on my pale skin but it works great as a base shadow for the others, the light brown has a really nice shimmer to it that really help to bring out the eyes and the darkest brown is great at defying the crease and giving you that smokey look. The pigment isn’t as strong as I’d hoped for but it’s very build-able so that isn’t a problem for me.

Now this mascara does exactly what it says, I was very impressed with this when I first used it. It’s a lovely dark black and the wand is great at separating the lashes so you avoid that horrible clumpy look. It does seem to have a tendency to get all over my eye lids and cheeks when I blink for the first half a minute or so until it dries but after that it’s amazing, stays on really well and comes off just as nicely when you want it to. I’d definitely recommend this but make sure you’re careful not to blink so much after applying.

Finally, the nail polish, I don’t think you can really go wrong with nail polish. This applies easily with a good consistency, it’s pretty thick so you don’t need more than 1 or 2 coats, depends how you want it really! Now I’m not going to judge this by how long it stays on because I literally have never not chipped a nail in the first hour of wearing nail polish, it seems I just don’t have the skills to keep my nails looking fresh but I’m sure if you apply a good bottom and top coat, this will last you as long as you can look after it.

All in all I would definitely recommend you check Benecos out, here is a list of all their Vegan products for you!

Stay natural x

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  1. I had never heard of this brand before. It has such a Brazilian sound ahah. The products and the packaging look great! I really like to find out about new ethical brands coz I am trying to switch to cruelty free ones and more natural. You never know what you put on your skin! xx corinne

    1. This brand is great for cruelty free and natural beauty, definitely urge giving them a go!

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